Privacy Policy

Decani Ltd (“We”) are committed to protecting the privacy of Personal Data we collect and process in conducting our business. “Personal Data” is information that identifies to you or other individuals (such as your dependents). This Privacy Policy describes how we will handle Personal Data that we collect through our Claims management process: This data may arise from Claim forms, telephone calls, e­mails and other communications with us, as well as from claim investigators, witnesses or other third parties involved in our business dealings with you.

2.0 Personal Data We Collect And Process

Personal Data collected about you may include:
General identification and contact information
Your name, address, e¬mail and telephone details, gender, marital status, family status, date and place of birth, educational background, physical attributes, activity records, driving records, photos and video images, employment history, skills and experience, professional licenses and affiliations.

Identification numbers issued by government bodies or agencies – Social Security or national insurance number, passport number, tax identification number, military identification number, or driver’s or other license number
Financial information and account details
· Bank account number and account details, credit history and credit score
· We may also obtain sensitive information if you voluntarily provide it to us.

3.0 How we use your data

Decani Ltd (“We”) are often provided with Personal Information relating to individuals.

The information which is supplied may supplied direct from claimants or via their agents or may be provided by our instructing principals as part of the claim submission that has been supplied to them

The information received will be used generally to analyse business performance

We undertake not to disseminate or to publish such personal information or commercial as may be received.

On occasions it may be necessary for us to make enquiries with suppliers or customers of claimants in order to verify information provided as part of the claim. We will seek agreement for such enquiries from the claimant or their agent unless such agreement might prejudice the basis of our enquiry.

It must be appreciated that any information provided to us in connection with a claim must be accepted as being disclosable or known to our instructing Principals unless such information is provided to us on the basis that it should not be provided to our principals. In such circumstances it would be appropriate for us to confirm with our principals that such a submission is acceptable to them.

Claimants will know who our instructing principals are and as such claimants should refer to appropriate privacy policies for further guidance in such circumstance.

We would retain the right to alert the relevant authorities if the information provided indicates that a claimant has committed a criminal act with regard to providing tax or other information to HMRC.

We will securely dispose of claimants’ data at the end of the statutory period of limitation for such a claim.

The claimants name and address and the value of the claim and settlement may be retained in our database for the purpose of statistical analysis. The claimants name or address would not be included in the result of such analysis and the analysis would be provided solely to the relevant instructing principal.

Who to contact about your Personal Data -

If you have any questions about our use of your Personal Data you can write to:

Peter Satchel
Decani Ltd
19 Reardon Smith Court

 For more information, please contact Decani.